It’s clear that COVID-19 has negatively impacted our local economy. Our beloved Athens, known for its vibrant culture, dining, and music scene, is under threat of severe and lasting economic loss due to the current public health crises.

Athens Works Initiative aims to “flatten the curve” of local business losses by connecting those who continue to work with the local eateries who have pivoted to curbside and delivery options. We ask Supporters, Contributors, and Providers to join together to minimize the economic effect of this virus.

Supporters (Any and all Athenians):

This initiative asks Athenians to spend a portion of their paycheck, stimulus check, or otherwise to support services, projects, or products produced here locally. As a Supporter, you can purchase goods or services through Contributors or meals directly from Providers.

Contributors (Essential Businesses): 

If your business is able to continue operating during the social distancing, shelter-in-place period, pledge to contribute weekly to the initiative’s Providers. The suggested contribution is 5% of business revenue, or $10 per employee per day, to feed their workforce while they continue to service, supply, maintain, and build Athens.

Providers (Foodservices):

If your business cannot operate as usual during the specified period, sign up as a Provider. You should be prepared to deliver pre-packaged meals for Contributors’ employees and other Athenians in need. You will be paid by your Contributor partner and we ask that you consider providing low-cost, high-value goods.

The things we cherish most about Athens, GA, are at risk. It’s more important than ever to love where you live and take the pledge to support our community at

A Deeds Creative video explaining AWI with Mayor Kelly Girtz, Erin Barger, and Fenwick Broyard.

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