“Recovery is possible and addiction is a family disease. To really support one, all must be served,” said Brandy Anderson.

Helping people in recovery means understanding that addiction is not just a behavioral issue, but a disease that affects individuals and the people around them. As a person in long term recovery, Brandy Anderson knows this and is using her experiences to help others in our community.

Since 2015, Brandy Anderson has been the Founder and CEO of a grassroots nonprofit who has emerged in strength, Acceptance Recovery Center, or ARC. This program serves the high-risk, high-need displaced population that is largely overlooked and underserved.

ARC has accomplished a lot in the past year. In 2019, they served 62 male residents and their families. In May, they also opened a women’s center after buying their first property. Finally, at the end of the year, they were beginning to develop an Alumni Care Transitional program.

The alumni care program is the second of two levels of ARC services. The first level is the foundation program with a minimum of 12 months. The second level is the transitional program created specifically for alumni care which also lasts 12 months.

Both levels are meant to target the systems of addiction, rather than the behaviors alone. “We believe in helping others change their thoughts and belief systems so that their behaviors will also be changed. Recovery is a transformative process,” said Brandy Anderson.

ARC is currently in the process of renovating a new property for the alumni care program. They would greatly appreciate volunteers with construction experience or monetary donations to help with the process.

One thing that sets ARC apart from other recovery programs is their focus on family restoration. “Addiction affects the individuals and families as a whole, therefore we involve the families and support persons in the recovery process to reduce stigma and to educate and support them during their recovery journey.”

Brandy Anderson and her work is an inspiration to us at Envision Athens. We applaud her ability to use her own story of growth to help others thrive.

As Brandy Anderson said, “These are our community members and neighbors. By being of service to them, it has created forgiveness in myself for my past mistakes.”

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