Envision Athens looking to the Future, Implementation

By January 11, 2018News

The Action Agenda is now available in full on the Envision website.

In early October 2017, Envision Athens Co-Chairs, Bob Googe (Jittery Joe’s) and Sharyn Dickerson (ACC District 1 Commissioner) began meeting with the core Institutional Partners (e.g.: CCSD, Chamber, Unified Government of ACC, Georgia Power, Athens Housing Authority, Piedmont ARMC, etc.) to discuss the structure and timing of implementation activities. For the past few months, these Institutional Partners have been meeting and discussing ways to develop a sustainable implementation model. At their December meeting, the Partners agreed to a model that calls for a Project Manager to provide administrative support and project management for the effort to ensure all partners are moving forward together and collaboratively on the priority Action Agenda items.

In early January 2018, the Partners met and finalized a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), two-year budget, and Scope of Work. The MOA calls for the creation of an Oversight Committee that will include members from each of the Institutional Partners as well as a few citizens and identifies agreed-upon levels of funding for the effort. These steps are documented and memorialized in the Implementation Chapter of the Action Agenda. Once the MOA has been executed as anticipated at the end of January, the Oversight Committee will meet in February to begin the process of soliciting for a Project Manager and the citizens to serve on the Oversight Committee, and discuss the future steps necessary for implementing the Priority Action Agenda.

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