Envision Athens Project Manager Discusses Behavioral Health in Athens-Clarke County

By May 19, 2019News

Envision Athens Project Manager Erin Barger and Dr. Grace Bagwell-Adams, a professor with UGA’s School of Public Health, have been featured in a recent interview with Alexia Ridley of Athens News Matters. The interview revolved around the state of behavioral health in Athens-Clarke County. Envision Athens’ progress toward achieving its Health-related Action Agenda goals, particularly those related to behavioral health, was also discussed.

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  • Aaron says:

    I might have some perspective for you.

    I’m a local artist.

    My name is Aaron Gregory.

    I know one of your mandates is to find ways to attract and retain great artists in the Athens area.

    A lot have artists and musicians have been leaving the City of Athens, because within our creative culture their is a tendency to be fond of this flower they have ended prohibition on in many States.

    Arresting citizens/artist for being found with these flowers ended on the 1st of this month.

    I saw that there was a focus on mental health, as well.

    I was traumatized by an arrest regarding this issue, prior to our New Mayor and Commissioners took office.

    I felt as though it was my responsibility to stick around until I made sure this wouldn’t happen to anyone else.

    Now that the people here are safe enough for me to leave… unfortunately I have to leave this City until I can grow my own flowers w/o the anxiety caused due to the remaining policies that pose significant risk.

    I’m on a variety of medications for my Bi-Polar Mania OCD Tourettes & Anxiety

    When I was in jail they wouldn’t allow me to take the psych medications that had kept my condition in check…

    Buproprion, Lamotrogine, Ritalin & Xanax

    I could use help making some money to help me move to Las Vegas. I have a lot of art to sell, lmk if you have any ideas!

    P.S. Happy Independence Day! I was hoping to be able to celebrate Freedom in a State where the citizens enjoy more freedom, more liberty and more tolerance than this one…

    But, I didn’t have the gas money to make it out West

    • accAdmin says:


      Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us. Envision Athens exists in order to help address some of the very things that have troubled you, and to increase understanding about what good things are available about which people may not know. Please know that Envision Athens’ discussions are open to all people as a citizen-led movement, and that we want all people who are a part of this community to sense belonging here. We wish you the best in your next move, and know that you have neighbors here who want your absolute best.

      Envision Athens

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