With the New Year upon us, it is important to reflect on OUR collective achievements of last year. There were many highlights for Envision Athens in 2019, included items not reflected here: Athens-Clarke County, you are that amazing! Erin Barger, Project Manager, just released and invites you to review Envision Athens’ 2019 Annual Report.

The rate of progress of the domains varied. The domains with faster progress included Transportation, Arts & Culture, and Neighborhoods. The rest of the domains progressed more slowly but will lead to more foundational and impactful change in the longer-term.

While the rate of progress is one metric by which success was measured, another key determinant of the success in this report was Anonymous Community Feedback.

One person said that Envision Athens is the “glue that holds all of this community collaboration together.” Another said Envision Athens has been “critical in aligning some of the energy, insight, and wisdom that exists – often in many different agencies and sectors – to pull in a single direction and towards a single, common purpose.”

With regard to Agriculture, one community member said, “I owe the existence of FARM Rx to you and the partnerships you helped foster, and I see positive changes coming to SNAP under-utilization thanks to your positive persistence.”

Many felt that Envision Athens was giving them a seat at the table by “engaging with parts of the community who aren’t the usual suspects.’” Another mentioned that “Envision has brought some of the greatest minds and hearts that I know to the table to address issues or plan for what the future looks like.” Yet another said that “I’ve enjoyed being invited to the table and heard. It’s been a pleasure sensing that, as a person in long term recovery, my lived experience is, explored with integrity and held in high esteem.”

It is clear from these testimonials that Envision Athens has impacted the community on an organizational as well as personal level. Erin Barger also included a Collective Achievements list in the 2019 report (see below).

Envision Athens is grateful for the opportunity to play such a central role in the community and looks forward to the progress to come in 2020 and beyond. Stay tuned to learn what is in store for 2020 and beyond in our February newsletter!

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