To ensure that Envision Athens is an open and transparent process, presentations, public input reports, technical reports, interview notes and other documents created throughout the planning and implementation processes are available here for download.

The Envision Athens Action Agenda

Throughout 2017 the Athens-Clarke County Community embarked on an ambitious effort to develop a unified vision and action plan for increase prosperity across the county. The resulting Action Agenda represents the interests of thousands of citizens in fourteen topics and 103 community actions. Taken together, these projects, policies, and programs will make Athens a more complete, equitable, and prosperous community. To read the Action Agenda, please click on the link to the right. The document appendix is available here: Action Agenda.

Hard copies of the Action Agenda may be found at the Athens-Clarke County City Hall (in the Clerk of Commission’s office) and at the Athens Regional Library located on Baxter Street (at the Reference Desk).

Engagement Round 1: Focus on the Future

During the months of January and February 2017, a series of engagement activities were undertaken to understand the key issues and opportunities in Athens-Clarke County. These consisted of large community meetings, smaller focused discussions and online surveys. In total, more than 3,500 comments were collected. To the right, please find a summary of the findings.  You may also view the Appendix to see all comments and data collected throughout the round.

The Community Assessment

To inform later stages of research and reveal pressing issues, an overall community assessment of demographic, economic and place-based conditions and trends was conducted. Data was collected from a number of sources including US Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, along with recent community plans and research documents. In the Targeted Analysis phase, the Planning Team explored segments of this information even further.

  •  The Community Assessment Presentation – On February 13, 2017 the Planning Team unveiled the research to the Steering Committee and Community Stakeholders at the Classic Center. Please click the link to view the presentation.

The Target Analysis

This phase of work involved a deeper dive into the key findings that emerged from the Community Assessment research and analysis. This data, along with priorities from the community and base analysis, was used to form the draft recommendations.

  •  The Target Assessment Presentation – On July 15, 2017 the Steering Committee received a presentation from the Planning Team outlining the key findings from the targeted research and analysis. Notes have been added in the upper left hand corner.

Other Community Plans & Studies

The following are links to plans, studies, and/or projects that helped inform, were informed, or are presently being informed by the Envision Athens effort:

2018 Athens-Clarke County Comprehensive Plan

Domain Meeting Minutes

Athens Wellbeing Project

Network for Southern Economic Mobility

Athens In Motion Bicycle/Pedestrian Master Plan

West Broad Initiative

What Works Cities Partnership


Other Resources 

The following are links to infographics and/or 1-pagers that have been created by the Envision Athens team in collaboration with a number of community partners:

SNAP Flyer

Naloxone Flyer

CDC Eviction Moratorium Flyer 

CDC Eviction Moratorium Declaration

ACC Engagement Guide