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Did you miss the Envision Athens Open House? Now you can review the draft Action Agenda and share your priorities with the Steering Committee online. In the forms below please indicate your Top Five actions by clicking the selection box next to the item. Have a general or specific comment? Leave it in the comment box at the end of the form. Want to get involved with implementation? Volunteer your time, energy, and expertise to the Envision movement and let us know the action(s) where you can really make a difference!

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Envision Athens Open House Form


A culture of healthy lifestyles with inclusive access to affordable, holistic and state of-the-art services and facilities for physical health, mental health, and general wellbeing.
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Residents and visitors feel safe and secure in the community, whether in residential areas, public places or on transportation routes.
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Effective and accessible social service delivery that enables people to reach their full potential. The community is open to, aware and supportive of social services , and the nonprofit community is connected and communicative, with ever increasing collaboration.
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All aspects of culture and the arts – including music, theater, visual arts, heritage resources and other cultural initiatives – are the authentic expression of the people and place, representing an ever-present community good that contributes to nurturing and attracting diverse talent.
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Residents feel a strong connection to each other, are engaged in the community’s overall well-being.
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Increased range of transportation options – including walking, biking, transit, and driving – that provide efficient, safe, affordable and equitable access throughout the community and connect to the region and the world (rail and air service).
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Well-maintained infrastructure is strategically expanded and upgraded to unlock economic potential and help meet the needs of individuals in full consideration of environmental practices.
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Effective and respected early childhood through high school education that prepares students for life, including career learning and education opportunities, traditional college, or the workforce. In general, life-long learning is highly valued, resources are widely available, equity in opportunity is improved, and success is communicated.
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All aspects of culture and the arts – including music, theater, visual arts, heritage resources and other cultural initiatives – are the authentic expression of the people and place, representing an ever-present community good that contributes to nurturing and attracting diverse talent.
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A vibrant and physically attractive community with a variety of places and equitable access to parks, open space, and other community gathering places. Development and redevelopment—and redevelopment is a priority—are well considered, appropriately placed, and have a positive and thoughtful economic, social and environmental impact.
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Stewardship of the natural environment, including improved water and air quality and conserved areas – woods, farms, streams and wetlands.
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Vibrant, stable, and safe places—primarily residential—to live, including neighborhoods with a range of integrated housing types.
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Housing options reflect the diversity and needs of the community, including housing for families and a diverse workforce with a variety of types, prices, and locations.
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Agriculture remains a viable and productive component of the local economy, including diverse activities such as for eco-tourism, beautification projects, support of plant nurseries and other related uses.
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Join the discussion 9 Comments

  • Judith Scanlon says:

    I will again say what I typed in above, but I think it was deleted: I think Athens needs to consider “beautifying” our town. When one visits Charlotte, NC, one sees how beautifully landscaped the freeways are and how everyone must be encouraged to properly maintain their property in an attractive manner. It illustrates a definite contrast to our community. Apparently Athens has no laws or very lax laws about how ones property should be maintained. Athens also does not do a very good job of cutting the grass along the major freeways and roads and/or sometimes allowing litter to accumulate. We could do better to present our community in a better light for visitors and prospective residents.

  • Christine Mallozzi says:

    Land use reform is an important issue that can rectify many problems in other areas.

  • Claire Bolton says:

    Affordable housing is a priority.

  • Tom Hodgson says:

    I want to help, but understand I will be a potentially disruptive voice. This town has lost its way and I’m mad about it.

  • Claire Bolton says:

    I already answered the survey so I’m leaving it blank this time, but wanted to add another comment. Concerning the item ” ED1 Continued improvement of coordination and cooperation of Athens entities concerned with economic growth and the attraction and creation of jobs which offer wages that support a normal standard of living for Athens-Clarke County workers”: it is important to offer living wages, specifically. The living wage is not that much higher than minimum wage and is based on extensive peer-reviewed research. For Clarke County the living wage figure is now $10.82/hour: I highly recommend using this language to attract businesses that will truly serve the community.

    I also strongly support an initiative for the county to contract with women- and minority-owned businesses. This is not an unusual idea; it has been done in many other municipalities. It does not mean excluding other businesses, but recognizing the importance of increasing contracts for qualified, underrepresented business owners. I would love to see this initiative in Athens-Clarke County.

  • Patricia Barnett Hale says:

    Thanks for allowing me to share my comments as a citizen of Athens Clarke County for my entire life. Please consider getting local churches involved large congregations such as Ebeneezer West, Green Acres Baptist,Timothy Baptist, Cornerstone, and Chestnut; just to mention a few have a wealth of information to share that should really be considered in this process.

  • Steve Helwig says:

    Looking forward to seeing how things progress.

  • Thanks for the survey.

  • Gilbert Milner says:

    Poverty is the top priority in our community given it’s effect on every one of the concerns addressed
    by the study groups. Poverty continues to grow at epidemic rates as a result of the breakdown in
    the family unit as we once recognized. Teenage preganacies are growing at historic rates within the
    poverty stricken group and government continues to fund this growth by subsidizing this practice.
    Our elected officials, faith group leaders, civic leaders and citizens at large should be outraged and
    ashamed that we have failed to speak out against this behavior. Bringing a child into this world is a
    tremendous responsibility. Government can’t parent these children and provide for their needs to
    insure they have a chance at a bright future. Look at the most recent statistics from the study of our
    school system. I pray for these children and their future. It’s time to address this issue.Gilbert

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