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Did you miss the Community Summit? No worries, now you can provide your input online! During the meeting ten community goals were tested. Below you’ll see each topic and its goal.

  1. If you have suggestions, edits or other ideas for the goals let us know in the form below;
  2. Check out each of the critical questions, and;
  3. Last, help the Planning Team understand who we’re hearing from by filling out a brief exit questionnaire (All of your answers are confidential).

Draft Community Goals

Arts & Culture
Supported and promoted arts – including music, theater and other cultural initiatives – that are the authentic expression of the people and place. In a diversity of forms, art is ever-present in places and programs and nurtures and attracts diverse talent.

Economic Development
Greater prosperity for the community – individuals, businesses and local government – with diverse, quality jobs; living wages; and a ready workforce. This also means entrepreneurship and small businesses flourish in a collaborative environment and that unemployment and underemployment are improved.

An effective and respected pre-K to 12 education system that prepares students for their next phase, including technical programs, traditional college, or the workforce. In general, life-long learning is highly valued, resources are widely available, and success is communicated.

Natural Environment & Agriculture
Stewardship of the natural environment, including improved water and air quality and conserved areas – woods, farms, streams and wetlands. Agriculture remains a viable and productive component of the local economy.

Health & Safety
A culture of healthy lifestyles and access to affordable, holistic and state-of-the-art services for physical health, mental health, and general well-being. A sense of safety is both perceived and real for residents and visitors.

Housing options that reflect the diversity and needs of the community, including a variety of types, prices, and locations.

Land Use
A vibrant and physically attractive community with a diversity of places and equitable access to parks, open space, and other special places. Development and redevelopment are well considered, appropriately placed, and have a positive and thoughtful economic impact.

Neighborhoods & Civic Vitality
Vibrant, stable, and safe places that provide greater options for where and how to live. Like the larger community, these are places in which residents feel a strong connection to each other, are engaged in the overall well-being, and enjoy the unique identity of their neighborhoods.

Social Services
Effective social service delivery with strong communication and collaboration among providers, expansion of the most impactful programs, and diligent addressing of community needs.

Transportation & Infrastructure
Increased range of transportation options – including walking, biking, transit, and driving – that provide efficient and equitable access throughout the community and connect to the region and the world (rail and air service). Well-maintained infrastructure is strategically expanded and upgraded to unlock economic potential and help meet the needs of individuals.

Community Summit Goal Reactions & Critical Questions
If you have a specific comment about one or several of the goals please refer to the topic in your comment.

Critical Questions

During the Community Summit a series of critical questions were posed to participants. These focused on the draft goals, implementation and the future of Athens-Clarke County. Read through the questions and let us know what you think!

Demographic Survey

Please help the Planning Team understand who they are (and are not) hearing from in the engagement. Your responses are completely anonymous.
*This information will be cross referenced with the census data for Athens-Clarke County to ensure we have representative input from the community.

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  • Tony Eubanks says:

    given the last question to sum up the Envision Process at the end of the Summit (that was the highest point?) the word I heard most often was

  • Alpana Banerjee says:

    Clarke county need more progress in every area .Get envolve the nebourghood leaders in the community for a fruitful result.

  • Alpana Banerjee says:

    Clarke county need more progress in every area .Nebourghood leaders in the community are the active sourses for a fruitful result.

  • Gerry Gagnier says:

    I was wondering if Athens Clarke County has ever considered splitting up the county and giving each sanitation company an equal and exclusive part of the pie? This would reduce the number of trucks collecting garbage throughout the neighborhoods and make it much more cost efficient for the companies. We have garbage trucks collecting throughout Cedar Creek 5 days a week. This must be damaging to the pavement as well.

    We lived in Gwinnett County before we moved here 2 years ago and the system worked very well there. One truck once a week!

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