What’s Next for Envision Athens?

By June 16, 2017News

Over the last four months, the Envision Athens process has engaged hundreds of residents in discussion on the future our Athens-Clarke Community. Through large and small meetings and the process website, thousands of comments have been collected. The Steering Committee used this input to form the foundation of a draft community vision and fourteen topical goals. We came back together at the Community Summit on April 20th, to affirm our direction and take the next step forward. It’s an exciting future we’ve envisioned, but it will take action to realize our goals.

In the coming months, the Envision Athens Steering Committee and the 150 community stakeholders will be developing action recommendations to move the community forward. These projects, policies and programs will address our community’s needs and take advantage of our opportunities. Through the Community Assessment we learned a lot about our strengths and weaknesses. The Planning Team has expanded this research and taken a “deeper dive” into the most interesting and pressing topics. This additional analysis will reveal strategic opportunities unique to Athens-Clarke County. These recommendations will empower the community to leverage its assets and take full advantage of its opportunities.

There’s still room for your input. As the draft plan comes together, the Steering Committee will re-engage with the community to celebrate our progress, establish our priorities, and launch implementation of the Community and Economic Development Strategic Plan. In late summer, look for an exciting announcement about coming events and stay engaged with the process through social media and the website.  

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  • Paula Loniak, DVM says:

    I only recently heard about the existence of ‘Envision Athens’, which disturbs me very much. I’ve been attending Mayor & Commissioners meetings, Planning Commission meetings, Athens for Everyone meetings, Athens Federation of.Neibirhoods meeting…..I only heard about by ‘accident’ while looking into something else online. I’m worried that MANY of the citizens of Athens aren’t aware that it exists and therefore are unaware that they can effect the direction our town will take over the next decade or longer. I just left a steering committee meeting (Comprehensive. Planning) and there were only about 6 or 8 non-committee people in attendance. These meetings need to be be announced in a more efficient manner, and well in advance of the meetings so people can plan to attend them. I’m consistsntly going to any meetings I can that might/will address the need for affordable housing IN Athens, as determined by The Workforce Housing Study’ last year—-yet nothing seems to be getting done about this significant problem which effects so many people’s lives. The only ‘increase in housing’ that I’ve seen is more student housing in high-rise apartment buildings which loom over what USED to be a quaint, funky, unique downtown.
    There are SO many changes in zoning that need to be implemented in order for average residents (who live here for more than 4 years) to be able to afford to live in Athens. I suggest Tiny Houses/Tiny House communities as ONE option for affordable housing for citizens who are individuals living alone, which is one of the examples of ‘who’s getting screwed’ in the Athens housing market. I would like to become more involved with Envision Athens because if something isn’t changed with regard to more affordable housing I’ll be forced to leave the place that I’ve called ‘home’ since 1992. MANY communities/cities across the country have managed to create Tiny House communities, I just don’t understand why it’s so damn hard for ACC to figure out how to make it work here. Right now I’m living on a friend’s property in Oglethorpe County because Athens’ zoning won’t permit a house as small as mine (225 sq. ft.). I HATE living out there, a half hour drive from everyplace I need or want to go. I feel like ACC has turned its back on me, given me the finger, even after living here for 25+ years. Please let me know how I can get more involved with Envision Athens!

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