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Greetings from Athens

Artist: Taylor Shaw
Funded by Athens Downtown Development Authority


                                                             The 2022 Envision Athens Wellbeing Event


                                                                2022 Good Neighbor Awards were presented


               Winners of the 2022 Good Neighbor Awards L-R Drew Bowen; Bob & Melody Croft; Lauren Towe and Susan Fontaine


             Envision Athens Executive Director Sally Kimel-Sheppard introduces Dr. Bagwell-Adams from Athens Wellbeing Project

On October 20, 2022 we hosted the Envision Athens Wellbeing Event at the Classic Center’s Oconee River Room in the Foundry Street Building. We recognized winners of the 2022 Good Neighbor Awards:

Healthy: Drew Bowen
Create: Bob & Melody Croft
Abundance: Lauren Towe
Educate: Susan Fontaine

We heard a presentation from Dr. Grace Bagwell-Adams about the findings from the  Athens Wellbeing Project research.

We also held a listening session, getting input from those in attendance about the needs in the community.

Let’s Come Together To Shape a Better Tomorrow

Envision Athens is a community-wide effort to develop a common vision for the future of the Athens-Clarke County community.

This process has resulted in a visionary, yet achievable multidimensional strategy to guide community and economic development for the next 20 years. This will lead to a shared sense of accountability and commitment to implementation and a sense that this is not “just another plan.” Envision Athens was and will continue to be open and inclusive, intuitive and informed, and carefully designed and implemented.

Hope Mural


Artist: David Hale
A Project of AthFest Educates

Hot Corner Mural

Hot Corner: An Athens Legacy

Artist: Elio Mercado & Broderick Flanigan
A Project of Athens Cultural Affairs Commission

Our Mission

Envision Athens serves Athens-Clarke County as the catalyst, convener, and champion of progress in addressing our community’s most pressing needs and optimizing our opportunities for collaborative community development.

Our Vision

We aspire to reach our full potential in unity, prosperity, equity, and compassion. The sense of togetherness motivates increased pride, unparalleled civic enterprise, and significant progress.

Our Movement

This is an unprecedented opportunity for our entire community. The private sector, public sector, not-for-profit agencies, and citizens. Envision Athens is about breaking down barriers and learning from one another. It is about coming together to think about our future and working toward a common vision.

Envision Athens Is Our Community and Our Future!

Planning of this scale represents good stewardship. Communities—like businesses—cannot reach their potential without a deliberate and thoughtful blueprint. Our community has many significant assets and the potential to evolve dynamically in the future. This potential has a much better chance to be realized with an intentional and thoughtful planning process. One of the special aspects of this planning process is that it informed and influenced the Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County’s state-required 2018 Comprehensive Plan update. The Envision Athens process has established a larger community-based vision which not only helped to inform the development of the local government’s comprehensive plan, but also created an environment where organizations sat down across the table from one another and found common ground on which to begin working on the issues that matter most to our community.

Winterville Community Garden Mural

Winterville Community Garden

Artist: Winterville Elementary students, Community members, Cameron Ferrelle, Carli Brownlee, Peter Loose and Tex Crawford

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